Petra Vogelová

Petra is a designer who founded the young_block brand in 2015 in Litomyšl. A brand creating polygraphic paper jewelry with passion for great brands (but also for individuals). Petra is primarily a mother but she does not deny the soul of the creative person and the roots of her hometown. As a good Zlíňák, she loves design with humanity. As she claims – things should be appealing to the eye, but also they should serve their owners and be practical. New and novel pieces are created every day in response to the customer’s wishes thanks to their preference for non-traditional materials, technologies and bookbinding, attention to detail and minimalism. Every notebook that young_block launches goes directly through Petras hands. This makes it a unique, fun and functional tool for your daily use. Let’s be passionable for paper under the Made in Litomyšl brand,
let’s be young_block.