The 2011 establishment of the ZORYA studio was foreshadowed by a long-time collaboration between Zdeněk Vacek and Daniel Pošta which gradually resulted in the crucial subject of their jewellery – time as a positive factor and a creative process. The two found the embodiment of this idea in the tripersonal guardian of the heavensʼ canopy − according to Slavic mythology, the ZORYA dawn represent the Morning, Midnight and Evening Stars. It is symbolized by a woman who transforms from a girl to a mother and from a mother to a crone every night, being reborn in the evening and disappearing with the morning. Her beauty and strength stream from the endlessly flowing change. Similarly, the women who wear ZORYA jewellery are not from a single age bracket but share natural creativity, positive energy and calm power based on their intrinsic harmony with the flow of time.