Gradient pink

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Markéta studied Ceramics Design at the J.E. Purkyně University of Ústí nad Labem, where her final work, Obšitá, won the Dean’s Award for best final work. Thanks to her distinctive style, sincerity, creativity and wit, she and her work have come to be easily recognisable. She has also been a winner in the Czech Grand Design awards – Discovery of the year, 2015. Of that same year, the Elle Deco International Design Award was presented to her for the Discovery of the Year, before going on to win the Best Prototype design prize for the Editors in Chief Awards, Designblok ’15.

A gentle colour transition, tender and soft, has given rise to the Gradient glass bottle. The bottle, shaped by a Czech glassblower to be suitable for anything from milk to brandy, is topped with a round cork, looking as if it has rolled right out the palm of a woodcarvers hand. Where on the colour gradient will you stop?